#3 – Psychic Intrusion by Spirits or Other Dimensional Beings

by Thomas Zinser Ed.D. In Soul-Centered Healing (SCH), the second category of phenomena frequently involved in healing is the intrusion or interference by spirits or other dimensional beings whose presence or activities are causing problems for my client. I cannot tell you all the kinds of beings that exist at different levels of consciousness and […]

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Vulnerability — No Good Way Around it

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability In this talk, Brene Brown speaks to every one of us about what is so fundamentally human: love and vulnerability. She’s an entertaining storyteller, and a determined researcher. Brown tells the story of what she discovered in her own journey about love and vulnerability. It’s a story, I think, […]

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SCH #1 – A Paradigm Shift

by Thomas Zinser Ed.D. Soul-Centered Healing (SCH) is a cross between hypnotherapy and shamanism. It’s an approach that recognizes other dimensions of a person besides the physical. Using hypnosis, SCH can help a person identify and resolve sources of pain, conflict, or confusion that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness. These are the levels […]

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