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Spirit Release – London Conference – June 22, 2013

Spirit attachment or intrusion is not yet recognized in mainstream psychology and psychiatry as a possible source of an individual’s problems. Hypnotherapy is the one area where you can find discussion of this phenomenon and how to deal with it. This June, Spirit Release Forum will host a one-day conference addressing the issue of spirit attachment. This […]

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Paranormal Phenomena: Facing the Unknown

by Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. Paranormal phenomena such as communication with spirits, telepathy, or out-of-body travel contradict what our empirical science says is true. I concluded in the last essay that these contradictions—and they all add up to a big contradiction—are at the core of the denial of the paranormal. If these phenomena are real, if there are other dimensions […]

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Lifting the Veil: Fear of the Paranormal

by Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. As a hypnotherapist, I have worked with psychic and spirit phenomena for nearly thirty years. I have also read hundreds of books and reports and first-hand accounts by people involving a whole range of paranormal phenomena and experiences. I waited for many years for the scientific community to study the evidence […]

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Healing and the Multidimensional Self

by Thomas Zinser Ed.D. “Psychosomatic medicine” recognizes that the mind often plays a part in one’s health, and sometimes a very powerful part. Up to this point, though, Western medicine limits itself, generally speaking, to the physical level of diagnosis and treatment. In the last thirty years, it has also begun to recognize that emotional […]

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