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Soul-Centered Healing – New Book Release

  The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing Vol. I: Protocols and Procedures The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing – Vol. I: Protocols and Procedures is written for hypnotherapists who wish to incorporate the methods of Soul-Centered Healing into their own practice. In his first book, Soul-Centered Healing, Tom Zinser told the story of his fifteen-year collaboration with […]

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Healing Power of the Soul – A London Conference.

On June 3, 2012, the Spirit Release Forum is sponsoring a day-long conference in London entitled: Working With Soul Consciousness: For Health, Healing and Wellbeing.  The idea for the conference came from David Furlong, the director of SRF. David contacted me after the publication of Soul-Centered Healing and invited me to be the keynote speaker for the conference, […]

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Soul-Centered Healing: A Book Review

Dr. Alan Sanderson is a London psychiatrist and president of the Spirit Release Foundation. After receiving an announcement on the release of Soul-Centered Healing, Dr. Sanderson contacted me, said he was excited about the book, and wanted to review it for their organization. I was familiar with Dr. Sanderson’s work in the fields of hypnotherapy […]

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Spirit (Entity) Intrusion: A Case in Point

While I was writing the last essay on spirit intrusion, the following article came up on Google News. It’s just one example of the kinds of phenomena I was talking about. And in case you think it’s a rare story, it’s not. I have talked with many parents, and have had a number of cases […]

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