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Spiritual But Not Religious

This short essay by Philip Goldberg offers some encouraging news. He says that underneath all the political brouhaha by the fundamentalist religions in recent years, there is a subtler, larger movement occurring in our culture. He says the fastest growing category of American religion, especially among young adults, is “spiritual but not religious.” Tom Z […]

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Rose Colored Glasses: Who’s Filtering Your Reality?

If you’re reading this post, then you are on the Internet, and according to Eli Pariser, your online experience is undoubtedly being filtered. What you see and the information you receive are most likely being tailored to your personal interests, surfing history, internet purchases, group memberships, and other personal data. This data is then used […]

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Vulnerability — No Good Way Around it

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability In this talk, Brene Brown speaks to every one of us about what is so fundamentally human: love and vulnerability. She’s an entertaining storyteller, and a determined researcher. Brown tells the story of what she discovered in her own journey about love and vulnerability. It’s a story, I think, […]

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