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SCH Update: Spring, 2021

To friends of Soul-Centered Healing: This is a brief update on Soul-Centered Healing. It’s not that there is so little to say, but too much. Since retiring from clinical practice, life has become busier than ever. In regard to SCH, there has been movement on several fronts. Chief among them has been the focus on […]

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Focusing: Healing the Sub-Personalities

In Soul-Centered Healing, ego-states (or sub-personalities) are a central issue in the healing process. These are dissociated parts of the self, created in the past for protection, but which are still alive and being triggered in a person’s current reality. In the following article, it’s clear that the process of Focusing, as described by Laurence Letich, shares much […]

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New Release: The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing, Vol. II

The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing Vol. II: Navigating the Inner World By Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. This book is the concluding volume to The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing. Like Vol. I, it is written for hypnotherapists who wish to incorporate elements of Soul-Centered Healing into their own clinical practice. Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic approach developed […]

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