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Spirit Release – London Conference – June 22, 2013

Spirit attachment or intrusion is not yet recognized in mainstream psychology and psychiatry as a possible source of an individual’s problems. Hypnotherapy is the one area where you can find discussion of this phenomenon and how to deal with it. This June, Spirit Release Forum will host a one-day conference addressing the issue of spirit attachment. This […]

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Soul-Centered Healing – New Book Release

  The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing Vol. I: Protocols and Procedures The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing – Vol. I: Protocols and Procedures is written for hypnotherapists who wish to incorporate the methods of Soul-Centered Healing into their own practice. In his first book, Soul-Centered Healing, Tom Zinser told the story of his fifteen-year collaboration with […]

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Healing Power of the Soul – A London Conference.

On June 3, 2012, the Spirit Release Forum is sponsoring a day-long conference in London entitled: Working With Soul Consciousness: For Health, Healing and Wellbeing.  The idea for the conference came from David Furlong, the director of SRF. David contacted me after the publication of Soul-Centered Healing and invited me to be the keynote speaker for the conference, […]

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Soul-Centered Healing: A Book Review

Dr. Alan Sanderson is a London psychiatrist and president of the Spirit Release Foundation. After receiving an announcement on the release of Soul-Centered Healing, Dr. Sanderson contacted me, said he was excited about the book, and wanted to review it for their organization. I was familiar with Dr. Sanderson’s work in the fields of hypnotherapy […]

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