Dr. Daniel Siegel: Neuroscience and the Mind

SiegelThis is an excellent talk by Dr. Daniel Siegel. He is one of the few neuroscientists who are talking about the mind. He does not himself acknowledge the psychic and spirit realities but in his model of the mind, it leaves open the possibility that the mind – the soul – is using the brain to create its own reality.

The importance of this model is that it does not rule out a place for consciousness as a creative force in itself. The model views consciousness (thought and reflection) as a force operating in the frontal cortex which regulates the body through regulating the brain, capable even of changing neural pathways to bring the body back into harmony.

This is a promising model for those of us who acknowledge the psychic, astral, and spirit realities and who want to integrate that knowledge with what we know about the physical body and the brain.

Dr. Siegel does a very nice job of urging science to this next level.

Tom Z

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