Inelia Benz – Reconnecting with Gaia’s New Paradigm

In the last post, I introduced a video that gives a good picture of where advanced science is today in its view of consciousness and energy. It explores the implications for a richer understanding of mind, matter, and spirit. The video tells the story of the new paradigm that is coming, a new way of thinking. It’s one in which we begin to realize the full implications of Einstein’s proof, E=mc². Everything is energy.

In the video below, Inelia Benz states that the earth’s vibration has moved to a new level. She teaches that as physical beings, we need to adjust to this new vibration if we are to maintain connection with Mother Earth. She gives a meditation to help the listener begin that process.

It’s a meditation to help us become aware and attuned to our nature as a physical being and soul incarnate.

It’s a meditation that really needs to be done more than once.


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