Secrets of Mind Science

For anyone who has a serious interest in energy and consciousness, this is a video worth seeing. It’s long, and may need to be viewed in segments, but it offers information and models about ourselves as energy and about energy interactions at levels most people are not aware of. This is not a video offering final answers. However, it presents in a clear and understandable way the advanced  science and thinking that is going on in these areas of mind, matter, and consciousness.

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  1. Carol January 7, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    Wow! I listened to this in two days, two parts – I realized I could not take it all in at once – and it has been just wonderful. It is really satisfying, very technical and explanatory of so much that we talk about as general but vague assumptions. It was immensely nourishing at every level, (one could feel it at the cellular level!) Much here has given me new confidence in writing about some of the things I had expressed on my blog, especially the idea of “shamanic” or interactive, transformative astrology…..

    Thanks for featuring this, Tom.

    P.S. Currently I do not have my Silk Road Visions blog active. I will be trimming and sorting all the original posts and putting some of them into a new blog, likely of a different title, and some into possibly a Kindle book through Amazon. Will let you know as I progress! All the best, Carol

    • tomz January 9, 2013 at 7:36 am #

      Thanks for writing Carol. I did wonder what happened to your website. I’ll look forward to the new blog. I’m glad you liked the video, Secrets of Mind Science. I was also very impressed with it, as you can see. I hope others take the opportunity to watch it. All the best, Tom

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