Spirit Release – London Conference – June 22, 2013

Spirit attachment or intrusion is not yet recognized in mainstream psychology and psychiatry as a possible source of an individual’s problems. Hypnotherapy is the one area where you can find discussion of this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

This June, Spirit Release Forum will host a one-day conference addressing the issue of spirit attachment. This conference is for anyone who wants to know more about spirit attachment and intrusion, how to recognize it, and what we know so far about dealing with it.

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Spirit Release: Helping Lost Souls Move into the Light

A One-Day Conference – Saturday 22 June 2013

Speakers: Dr Tom ZinserArchibald Lawrie, Dr Terence Palmer, Sue Allen and Natalia O’Sullivan 
Chairman: David Furlong

At death the soul of the deceased should first separate from the physical body before beginning its transition through to the spirit realm. Those who have had a ‘Near Death Experience’ describe travelling through a tunnel into the realm of Light. Occasionally, for many different reasons, some souls fail to make this transition and become trapped close to the earth plane, where they continue to exist in a ‘between world’ state. Sometimes they remain close to where they died or where they had lived; sometimes they attach themselves to a living person to try to continue experiencing through them.

In almost all cases these souls are in a disturbed state because they are effectively stuck yet, nevertheless, can still exert a disquieting influence on those that come into contact with them. A growing band of specialist healers, in recognising this problem, have developed a series of techniques to assist and release these souls, whether from a place or from within a person, back into the realms of spirit where they can receive proper support and help.

This conference bringing together a panel of experts in this field will share their experiences of spirit release and the techniques that can be used to help these lost souls.

The aims of the conference:

  • To consider why some souls become stuck and earthbound
  • Discuss how earthbound souls can be released from places
  • Consider the way that a soul might attach to an individual and the process of release
  • To hear many anecdotal evidential accounts from a number of experts in the field of spirit release

Who will benefit?
The conference will be an important source of information to all those interested in the concept of ‘spirit-release’ both from a clinical as well as general perspective. Recognising that ‘earth-bound’ spirits can be a cause for disturbance both from within a person as well as a place, helps us take a step forward in resolving problem situations. At a personal level, when we too come make our transition, it might be helpful to know the pitfalls that could cause us to become stuck.

For more details, go to Spirit Release Forum.


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