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Focusing: Healing the Sub-Personalities

In Soul-Centered Healing, ego-states (or sub-personalities) are a central issue in the healing process. These are dissociated parts of the self, created in the past for protection, but which are still alive and being triggered in a person’s current reality. In the following article, it’s clear that the process of Focusing, as described by Laurence Letich, shares much […]

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Soul-Centered Healing: 3-Day Training Workshop

Spirit Release and Soul Centered Healing Training Workshop For Clinicians and Therapists A 3 Day Experiential Training Workshop with Dr. Tom Zinser on a special trip from the United States, Monday to Wednesday, 24-26 June 2013, Malvern, England Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic modality that recognizes every person as a physical, psychic, and spiritual being. It also recognizes […]

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