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Soul-Centered Healing: 3-Day Training Workshop

Spirit Release and Soul Centered Healing Training Workshop For Clinicians and Therapists A 3 Day Experiential Training Workshop with Dr. Tom Zinser on a special trip from the United States, Monday to Wednesday, 24-26 June 2013, Malvern, England Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic modality that recognizes every person as a physical, psychic, and spiritual being. It also recognizes […]

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Spirit Release – London Conference – June 22, 2013

Spirit attachment or intrusion is not yet recognized in mainstream psychology and psychiatry as a possible source of an individual’s problems. Hypnotherapy is the one area where you can find discussion of this phenomenon and how to deal with it. This June, Spirit Release Forum will host a one-day conference addressing the issue of spirit attachment. This […]

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