The Soul’s Journey on the Silk Road

Carol Leigh

Carol Leigh Rice, M.A.

I have been away from this blog now for a good while – since before I left for London. I sent out a brief update to those on my email list about the conference  and workshop. If you are interested, you can read that here.

I’ve been trying to pick a place to jump back in after this lengthy hiatus. I think I came to that place this morning. I received a notice that someone had pinged my  blog, meaning they had posted something referring back to my page. As administrator of the blog, I had to approve or disapprove it. So when I clicked on the link I was taken to an article by Carol Leigh Rice, M.A., posted yesterday entitled, Synchronicity, Trickster, and the Higher Self.

When I returned from London, I saw that Carol had left several comments about my book and a couple essays I had  written. It was all very complimentary (which, of course, is always nice to hear). I wrote Carol thanking her for her thoughtful comments. I also began exploring Carol’s website, Silk Road Visions. In her article yesterday, Carol talked again about my book, this time as it related to the higher self. Her description told me that she knows the territory, and she describes it so beautifully. I recommend the entire article. She has some very insightful things to say about the Trickster.

So I wanted to thank Carol for her public support and her comments. I am glad when someone recognizes in my work the same thing they have come to know through their own experience. Second, though, the main reason for bringing up Carol is that I want to recommend her to you. All I can say is, in exploring her site, Carol offers such insight, wisdom, and compassion that I am sure you will feel it. As she herself puts it – a place where your soul can rest and be refreshed along the Silk Road.

“Along the ancient Silk Road the caravans paused for rest and refreshment at caravanserai, places of fresh water, ringed by large date palms. Here, travellers could rest their camels, compare maps, settle some accounts, embrace old friends, and exchange news of the times. A good night’s sleep and another dawn, setting out on the Road again.

Carol’s article starts below and continues at her site.

Tom Z

Silk Road Visions


Musings on Soul-Centered Healing (2010) by Dr. Thomas Zinser and his discovery of the Higher Self.  More thoughts on Carl G. Jung, the Higher Self and synchronicity – and a warning that Trickster can masquerade as the Higher Self. 

A hallmark of my writing here at Silk Road Visions is my emphasis on allowing self-healing and personal growth to proceed in its own way, and in its own seasons, under the guidance of one’s Higher Self.

It is always nice to have this viewpoint supported by the work of another. In Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey Into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives, Dr. Zinser recounts how he went from being a clinical psychologist working with hypnotherapy in a non-spiritual framework to one in which he came to understand Soul, and discovered the Higher Self of his clients to be the key to overcoming many issues related to blocking and other stalemates in the healing process.

Dr. Zinser was working with dissociative identity condition (what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder). He already knew that therapists sometimes encountered what was known in the field as an ISH (Inner Self Helper) but this had not been more than a peripheral recognition until his work took on new dimensions with the Spirit Guide Gerod. As he opened to new spiritual possibilities in psychology, his work blossomed. What he found startled him. He began to understand that if he asked for help, a “someone” – not a “something” – did come forward to help but eventually he realized that this “self” was much more than a helper-alter. He realized that this vast, expansive and above-the-fray self was really a “Higher” Self who was not organically involved in the inner dynamics among the alters of a multiple self, but was able to be, in a healing, guiding way, when called upon for help. Continue reading.


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