Training in Soul-Centered Healing (Summer 2022)

Dr. Zinser is now inviting applications for his Level 1 Training course in Soul-Centered Healing.

This is an online course using Zoom. The emphasis for the course is on clinical application. The goal is that each trainee acquire a working knowledge in the SCH paradigm and develop a facility in the use of its protocols and procedures with clients.

Training Qualifications

The training is open to hypnotherapists already in practice or who have finished formal training in hypnosis and are beginning a practice.

It is expected that trainees are familiar with the Ideomotor Response technique and comfortable using the technique with a client.

Lastly, a trainee is expected to have read the Soul-Centered Healing books prior to the start of the course.

Training Overview

  • Group course, maximum 6 members per group
  • Six, 90-minute group sessions
  • 15 week duration to allow for clinical practice between sessions.
  • Each member is required to have a volunteer client.
  • Total cost of $700 US. (Private consultation is available for an additional fee.)

Application Process

If you are interested in training, please, submit a 1-2 page essay about yourself, including:

  • Contact information
  • Training and experience in hypnotherapy
  • A statement on what drew you to Soul-Centered Healing.
  • Any additional information you believe important or relevant in considering you as a trainee. Send your application to

Upon receipt of your application, I will contact you for an interview.

Tom Zinser

To learn more or apply, contact Dr. Zinser.