Trauma: Treatment and Recovery – Starts April 3rd

A client sent me a link to a Webinar that begins tomorrow April 3rd. It is a series of 6 sessions by noted experts in the field of trauma recovery. The Webinar is free if watched on the day of the broadcast, or it can be purchased and then includes extra materials as well. I cannot vouch for the quality of the program, but I will start it myself.

Tom Z 

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NICABM, New Ideas for Working with TraumaTrauma can be tragically difficult for people to overcome. But did you ever wonder why traditional trauma treatment can have such limited success rates?Maybe the answer has less to do with trauma and more to do with our methods.That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the latest findings and approaches to help people heal from trauma

. . . and my friends at NICABM just put together a brand new webinar series on the Treatment of Trauma.

It’s free to watch each webinar at the time of broadcast, you just have to sign up(To watch for free scroll down the webpage and click on ‘Register Here for the Wednesday Broadcasts Only Free of Charge’.)
Here’s a look at the line-up for the series:

  • Peter Levine, PhD – Creating Safety in Practice: How the Right Tools Can Speed Healing and Reduce Symptoms for Even the Most Traumatized Clients
  • Bessel van der Kolk, MD – How Expanding Our Perspective on Trauma Can Improve Diagnoses, Increase Effectiveness, and Lead to New Treatment Strategies
  • Pat Ogden, PhD – Building the Body’s Resources: Why Focusing on the Present Moment Can Help Us Heal Trauma
  • Stephen Porges, PhD – How the Vagal System Holds the Secret to Treating Trauma
  • Francine Shapiro, PhD – The Power of EMDR to Treat Trauma: Identifying, Reprocessing, and Integrating Traumatic Memories
  • Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD – The Neurobiology of Trauma: What Is Happening in the Brain of Someone with Unresolved Trauma

Again, it’s free to watch each webinar at the time of broadcast. Here’s the link to sign up.

Or, if you register for a Gold Membership, you’ll get all of the videos, audio recordings, and transcripts from the entire series – plus the bonus webinars and TalkBack sessions.

Just click here to check it out now.


PS This series is packed with lots of new material and some big shifts in treatment perspectives – I hope you’ll take a moment to have a look.

PPS You’ll also get 6 additional bonuses when you register for a Gold Membership by midnight EDT on Wednesday, April 3rd.

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